Adapter - FAQ


Question: Do I still have a connection to the internet when connected to the adapter?
Answer: Yes, as long as you have cellular internet available (some devices require special settings to have cellular connection if WIFI has no internet)

Question: Why WiFi not Bluetooth?
Answer: Bluetooth is slower, and for iOS compatibility only the slower BLE could have been used. WiFi is available for every device, has greater connection distance, a more reliable connection, is faster, and leaves Bluetooth available.

Question: Can I use it only at home?
Answer: The access point is created by the Adapter not your WIFI at home. This means you can use the adapter wherever you want.

Question: Can I use the RJ45 port on the black (MHD) adapter for ENET tools? 
Answer: Yes, the RJ45 port provides support for all ENET applications.

Question: Can I leave the adapter connected?
Answer: Yes, but we recommend to unplug if the car is not used for longer than 3 days to prevent extra stress on the battery.